Why data is the new retail battleground

Opinion Paper

Are data-led competitors taking your ground? 

You’re a retailer with a solid brand. You’ve invested in your online commerce channel and are doing well. But, you're still using decades-old back office systems and processes governing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Information (PIM) and Product Master Data Management (MDM). 

What impact is this having on your ability to move at the pace of your digital competitors? 

In this opinion paper, Gary Ellwood (CxO advisory) discusses why traditional retailers need to act now to address their heavily manual and typically siloed PLM, PIM and MDM processes - and turn their product data into real commercial advantage. - A pure focus on consumer eCommerce digitisation won’t see them through the next era.

 About Gary Ellwood

CxO Advisory (CEng, MBCS-CITP, MIET)

Gary is a passionate and experienced Digital Innovation leader and IT technologist who has spent his career designing, defining, inspiring and leading major change. He has worked as a Chief Technology Officer for large retail organisations, leading major digital transformation programmes, and as a CTO, chief architect and senior IT consultant for leading consultancies.


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